Beyond numbers and beyond marketing, our work is really about human connections. It’s about helping as many families as possible through a hands-on, comforting experience led by integrity, compassion, and initiative.

Our mission is to see your transition through efficiently and with an uncompromising dedication to helping you create a legacy.



We're in the business of transitions

We care about your needs... we care about you. We have the resources and expertise to help you and your loved ones plan for the future or seamlessly transition.

Jenny came to us as a referral from Assisted Living Locator, Sarah Ordover.  Her mom had just passed away, and her dad, Roger, had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She was doing her best to look after her dad, bringing him to live in her home with two kids and a husband. Unfortunately, because she was taking so much time off from work to help her dad, Jenny was about to lose her job. We met for lunch, discussed her needs and the family trust —  Dad hadn’t filed taxes, had a tax lien, and Jenny wasn’t sure which way was up. But she had to sell the house, and being the only kid to her parents, everything was on her shoulders.  A week after, I was to meet with Jenny and her dad, but he fell ill, and was admitted into the ICU at Good Samaritan. A week later, he was released into rehab near Kaiser in Hollywood. I was bedside getting the paperwork signed to get the property on the market, but not before managing the tenant of 30 years in the “illegal” converted basement apartment.  In the end, I was able to get the property sold as soon as possible by finding a willing buyer who would close with a tenant in an illegal apartment. I was also able to get Roger into the right care facility, and relocate his long-term tenant.  Jenny and Roger were so grateful for our help in taking care of a seemingly impossible task during a challenging time.


“I have had two fantastic experiences with TLC & Co., as a client and as someone who referred a client to their services. As a client, TLC & Co. helped my partner and I purchase our first home in Los Angeles. It was a very significant purchase for us, and TLC navigated all of it for us with ease and skill. Their attention to detail was fantastic. They were exceptionally forthright in telling us why some properties were right for us and why others were not. My second encounter occurred almost a decade later when I referred a family to TLC & Co. They were looking to sell their mother’s estate in Bel Air. This was a delicate transaction as the mother had lived in the property for decades. There was a lot of emotional attachment. The property needed to be sold quickly and TLC & Co priced the home correctly.  The result was an over asking escrow that resulted in a fast sale and a substantial profit for the family. I cannot say enough about TLC & Co. They’re great people to lead anyone through the sales process in Southern California.”

Betsy B., Private Wealth Advisor
Had the experience of working with TLC & Co. on multiple sales.

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Redefining living

We want to change the way you think about real estate as more than just a roof over your head. It’s creating a legacy, and cultivating opportunities to build wealth.

I met Roni at a coffee shop near her home and we soon became fast friends. I’ve helped Roni and her family through so many transitions…  Roni was in her late 50’s and was part of the “Sandwich Generation” — those who take care of both their parents and children. Roni and her 90-year-old mother, Meryl, needed some repairs around their homes. I referred them to our reliable handyman and discussed possible ideas about their real estate solutions.  Roni’s sister, DeDe, wanted to figure out the right time to sell a parcel of land in Century City and their residential lot in Missouri. We were successful with their sales, and along with the advice of her CPA and wealth managers, they dispersed one third of the proceeds to each daughter, and retained one third in the estate.  A while later, after helping change a lightbulb at Meryl’s home, I noticed her stove top was left on with a mobile phone on the hot surface. We called Roni right away, and she mentioned that these kinds of events were happening more often. So, we referred a placement agency to the family.  Last October, I had the opportunity to stop by Roni’s home and visit with a now 92-year-old Meryl, who was handing out candy for Halloween. It’s relationships like this that inspire me to help seniors and their families transition with love.


“Selling a house can be challenging in the best of times, but organizing the sale of a house when your parent is ailing can be incredibly difficult. TLC & Co. helped my family take all the necessary steps and avoid getting stuck. Kathryn and her team went above and beyond assisting, with everything from clearing years-worth of clutter to helping a tenant find a new home. A situation that could easily have been quagmire instead proceeded towards its goal and past the finish line quickly, helping pave the path for my father's smooth transition to his next home.”

Kimberly, for her parents Joe and Sue

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Creating Connections

We provide above and beyond service to our clients through a detailed, hands-on experience. Every step of the way, every aspect of the transition, we are here for you.

One evening, we received an email from a placement agency asking us to “please check on Marina P. currently at Kaiser in Woodland Hills. She needs to sell her house ASAP and clear out to pay for care. We don’t know if she has any other assets. You should visit.”  I worked with Marina’s Care Manager and the placement agency, and facilitated moving Marina to a board and care home owned by one of our resource partners.  Later, our TLC SRES Certified Realtor visited with Marina at the board and care home along with our TLC Care Concierge, Enna, to get the keys to her home to do an assessment and report back.  We found out some unsettling information: There was an unlicensed caregiver at the home, who moved herself in along with her granddaughter, and installed a keyed lock on one of the bedroom doors. We also found out that this unlicensed caregiver had been calling an ambulance to take Marina to Kaiser Hospital so that the caregiver and her granddaughter could have more time in the home alone.  On top of that, Marina was behind on several payments to her mortgage company and HOA service, meaning she was facing turned off amenities and foreclosure.  Our TLC & CO Team Lead had the experience and expertise to negotiate relocation assistance and a move out date with the unlicensed caregiver and her family. We also brought in a locksmith that day to change the locks.  Enna then contacted the Homeowners Association Management company for Marina’s property, as well as a couple members of their Board of Directors and conveyed the severity of Marina’s situation and the need to maintain the HOA service. With TLC’s assurance as a trusted service provider, the homeowners association kept all amenities active during the sales process.  Utilizing our TLC Custom Marketing Plan, we received an offer within a few weeks.   Throughout the process, Enna also called and visited Marina many times, providing reassurance, picking Marina up and helping her pick up boxes of personal items for her new home.    We also mobilized and coordinated numerous TLC resource partners such as an organizer and packer, estate seller, mover/ hauler, and took care of her car. Our TLC Care Concierge had it all taken care of in time for the close of escrow.  


“TLC & Co. sold my mother’s home for our family.  From our first meeting, TLC & Co. was the perfect combination of professionalism – with a well-researched, comprehensive presentation of market values and sales strategies, and personable – they understood perfectly the challenges of communicating with my elderly mom and far-flung siblings. From that first coffee on, TLC & Co. took care of every logistical detail and was always there for all of us – answering every question and as we navigated the process.

The house was staged beautifully, priced it correctly. TLC & Co. handled a million details, from mountains to molehills, with confidence, humor, efficiency and panache; and it sold for more than others listed on the same street!

TLC & Co. are wonderful realtors and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They’re intelligent, have a real understanding of the market, and are sensitive to their clients needs and are effective and clear-eyed negotiators. They made a complicated process easy and a great success for my family, and I know TLC & Co. will for you too.”

Sally B.

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